Rewards Program




Welcome to the Harley-Davidson® of Edmonton Rewards Program!



How do I earn Rewards Checks?

Make sure each purchase goes under your name and VIP number. As soon as your cumulative spending reaches $250.00 of qualified items, we will send you a 10% rewards check.


How often will I receive a Rewards Check?

At the start of every Monday we will process a 10% Rewards Check run for those customers that have reached $250 or more in qualified purchases. This should be ready to be e-mailed to you by about the 10th of the month.


How do I know how much is in my Earnings Account?

You may access your account balance by logging into your account at:


Do Reward Cheques expire?

Yes. You will have 90 days to use your Rewards Checks. Expired Checks are considered void.


What isn’t eligible to earn Rewards?

Discounted items, Taxes & Levies, Supply Charges, Gift Cards or Gift Certificates, any labour on Service WO’s,  Motorcycles, and Warranty/Recall/Insurance invoices are not eligible to earn Rewards.

For any questions or concerns contact us at


How can I save on my next motorcycle?

Make sure each purchase you make goes under your name and VIP number and 5% of all eligible purchases will accrue towards the purchase of your next motorcycle.

You may earn up to a maximum of $500 OFF your next motorcycle!


Make sure you leave your e-mail with staff to ensure you get the Welcome Email with instructions of how to set up your Rewards account for personal access. You can always give us a call if you have any questions as well!  Now, start earning those REWARDS!


Thank you for your business and continued support,

Staff & Management

Harley-Davidson® of Edmonton